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So I’m trying something new to add more value to the podcast blog… Product Reviews! I’ve already purchased a closet’s worth of Medelita Scrubs, so Medelita was generous enough to let me try out the new scrub jacket.

Today I’m trying out Medelita’s new Ionic Scrub Jacket ($88). I’ve been a fan of Medelita scrubs for a few years now, I have a large stack of the Modern Fit scrubs and wear them on “pajama day” at work. I’ve always loved the thoughtful touches that Medelita added to their scrubs such as the slash pockets and not-too-deep v-neck collar. I also admire how professional my friends look in their sleek Medelita White Coats.

I’m a Pediatrician, and I don’t do white coats. I am, however, a fan of extra pockets, cosy sweatshirts and wearing a jacket that covers my tush. So, what options do you have if you don’t wear a white coat? North Face/Patagonia/LuLu sweatshirt? Those would be my go-to. But now there is another option. One that has FEATURES made specifically for a practicing doctor. That’s the Medelita Ionic Scrub Jacket. It’s become my top jacket to wear with my scrubs. My favorite features include the slit in the shoulder for attaching a badge clip (see image above). It keeps your badge up high and in clear view for all your JCAHO friends to see.

I also LOVE the pockets. There are 2 square side pockets that are reminiscent of the large pockets on a white coat. You can easily fold a stethoscope and place it in there without adding bulk. Small tablets fit easily in the pockets. There are also hidden slash pockets with zippers so you can stash a credit card, cash or your wedding ring safely. I love the sleek contour as well, it doesn’t feel frumpy or unprofessional like a sweat shirt does.

Some things I don’t like: when I first got the jacket the elbows felt stiff. It became softer as I wore the jacket, thankfully. The sleeves are sleek down to the wrists which gives it a nice silhouette, but this also means you can’t push the sleeves up to your elbows comfortably as you might with a sweatshirt. I like cozy things and again, due to the sleek profile, there’s no fleece lining for coziness, and so I wouldn’t want to take a nap in the call room with it on like I would a Patagonia fleece.

All in All, I really like this jacket. When I’m rounding in the hospital, I like wearing scrubs (so easy!) and this jacket makes the average scrub ensemble seem a bit more refined and professional along with being super well designed and practical. It runs slightly large but has a sleek fit, so order accordingly. I wear Medelita small scrub tops and the small jacket fits perfectly sleek. If you want a looser fit size up, but I think its meant to be sleek.

Thanks again to Medelita for supporting the podcast and all women doctors! Are there any other products you’d like me to review? Send your suggestions to