Hello everyone! I want to send out my apologies for not having an episode ready for you this week. We had some technical difficulties with editing. The episode that was scheduled for release was with Dr. Ayesha Fatima, the founder of Women Physicians for Humanity. We recorded this episode before the tragedy in Houston, so this upcoming episode mainly focuses on international humanitarian projects and refugee resettlement. Since that episode was recorded, there has been a great domestic humanitarian crisis and WP4H is making efforts to help folks in Houston as well.

Support Houston and the Hurricane Recovery Efforts

If you are a woman physician and would like to contribute to the grassroots WP4H efforts to help Houstonians on the ground, go to the WP4H Facebook group and request to be added. There are tons of info regarding Amazon supply drives for Houston and surrounding communities, along with the other humanitarian projects that the organization is supporting.

Supply Drive run by local Women Physicians for Humanity members:

The WP4H board has also approved the following fundraisers:

Giving cash is highly recommended through the following local organizations:

Sadly, another strong hurricane is headed towards the US now, so there may be more aid needed in the coming weeks. I’ll keep you posted of any new relief efforts sponsored by WP4H.